And welcome!

Every love story is unique and different. I believe wedding videos should be no different. I love to use audio from your day to narrate your story and present it in a cinematic way. I capture the smile that snuck in after a kiss, the close up details of the dress, the people who love you and the feelings surrounding your once in a lifetime day.

I’m passionate for love. For happy people. For story telling. I’m inspired by the world around me, the way wind carries your hair and colors in your bouquet. I have learned how to make my clients feel at ease and capture the most real moments. (Yes, I’ll bring you fruit snacks to cure any hangry-ness.) My experiences have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to handle any situation thrown at my on the wedding day and ensuring everything continues to run smoothly.

I offer a high quality experience and a high quality video.

You only get one shot at your wedding day- let’s make it count.